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Where sports teach us life!

The North Shore's premier destination for exceptional youth to develop skills for life through sports!

Soccer Practice


Welcome to Life Skills Sports, where we believe in the power of sports to teach valuable life skills! We are proud to serve children and teens with disabilities and without disabilities, ranging in age from 10-14 years old, offering a unique blend of sports training and character-skill development. 

Life Skills Sports activities include your everyday sports like basketball and soccer, indoor and outdoor adventures, and more to teach your child valuable skills from regulation techniques and organizational skills to executive functioning development and problem solving. 

Our mission

At Life Skills Sports, we help your child take that first step out of their comfort zone, and into a new way of life through athletics.

What’s unique about LSS is the ability for campers and their parents/guardians to customize their very own summer program.

We offer a wide range of activities and sports and can accommodate varying commitments — private coaching sessions, small group sessions, large group sessions, birthday parties, etc. Join us for an unforgettable experience!

Why life skills sports?

This Summer, your child will improve their individual game and grow as a player on, and off the field. Using sports as our vehicle, our mission is to support each camper in their journey as an athlete, and as an individual.

Our coaches and counselors are trained to teach valuable life skills that will aid character development and growth,
and help your child think in a way that will open their eyes to all they are capable of.

From our Founder:

LSS Founder Shane Wehrheim
"We are dedicated to providing a unique and comprehensive camp experience, where athletes of all levels not only develop their athletic skills, but also learn and practice important life skills. Our team consists of experienced Coaches and certified Teachers, Occupational Therapists and Social Workers. Our wrap-around Support Staff creates a positive and supportive environment where campers can grow both on and off the field. Join us at Life Skills Sports and unlock your full potential!" 

- Shane Wehrheim


"My son loves that he can spend one entire day fishing at his favorite lake, Big Bear & Little Bear, and the next day racing other campers in an obstacle course. Really great variety of sports and games!"

— Melissa (Parent)

"Life Skills Sports was probably the only reason I left my basement this summer... if I'm being honest. I found a new hobby in riding bikes, and I want everyone to know that Coach Shane is different than most teachers and coaches!


He understands what I'm going through and can relate to a lot. I recommend that everyone does this camp, so he can help you too."

— Smyth (Camper)

"I highly recommend Shane Wehrheim, a Special Ed teacher who is running this uniquely tailored individual and group Summer Camp, and someone whose heart is in it for all of the right reasons!"

— Gemma (Parent)

Our Services

Outdoor Adventures.webp

Outdoor Adventures

We offer high-level athletic training and conditioning in soccer, volleyball, basketball, flag football, softball/baseball, tennis, disc golf, plus additional outdoor activities like fishing, and biking.

Indoor Adventures.webp

Indoor Adventures

Past indoor adventures have included field trips to the arcade, trampoline park, movie theater, and more. Bad weather can't keep us down! We can still build upon and develop confidence in campers and help our future leaders be their best selves! 

Community Engagement.webp

Community Engagement

What better way to give campers the opportunity to interact and thrive in the community and world around them, than by way of
fun-filled experiences?

Our community engagement outings emphasize important life skills like time management, patience, sportsmanship, participating in non-preferred activities, decision-making, goal setting, taking turns, and more. 



If transportation to and from camp is an issue, we can happily provide pick-up and drop-off accommodation. 

Additionally, field trip transportation is provided.

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